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Her breasts were wonderfully cupped by the tight blue outfit she wore, which complemented her curves, and showed off her long, silky legs as well. She then grabbed the bottoms of the shorts, and began to tug them down with a gentle force. Real mature lesbian porn. She twirled for a second, then, with both hands on her magic staff, she brought it down to point at Mai, her legs opened outwards.

The length of the staff also seemed to take on a more rubbery composition, allowing for more flexibility for their play. Topless dark magician girl. But what Mai never realized was that during the final moments of her self-pleasure, Dark Magician Girl's smile had widened as she watched her exhibition. The email address specified is not registered with this account. She sat up as she threw her sheets off her, and saw that her bed, legs, and panties were drenched in a sticky liquid.

Through her phone, she was seeing what she should be seeing, pink panties on the Dark Magician Girl. If you find this to be too slow, you can turn samples back on in your profile settings. She took off her dueling device, setting it on her desk. Sex nude adult. She fondled it, lightly squeezing, making Mai moan slightly, vibrating in her mouth. Then she wondered why she would try to touch her in the first place.

Mai looked at it as she rubbed her clit and squeezed her breasts, then began inserting fingers into herself. When it did, she immediately pulled her hand away, slightly frightened. This user name doesn't exist. She licked and kissed the outer skin for a moment, before running her tongue along her radiating slit.

Since she looked eager to continue, as opposed to perhaps having second thoughts, she undid the rest of the buttons, and pulled the bottom of the shirt from her shorts. I know I'm way, way late with this fic, but hopefully it's quality enough to make up for that. This image has been resized.

Feeling unnerved by the strangeness of it all, Mai grabbed the card off her Duel Disk, making the hologram disappear. Maybe you should start taking off your clothes," she suggested naughtily. She was left completely naked. She moved faster at her center with her right hand, as her left gripped her breast harder as she came over the edge. Gross lesbian sex. I doubt those corporate jerks designed a cozy little motel or something in this place. Mai then remembered that she was nude, except for her panties.

But with you, I should be able to last the rest of the night, no problem. She let herself be thrown onto the rickety mattress when their breath ran short, the jiggle of her chest from the motion directing Tea's next move. But I, in my real form, wear no undergarments. Dark Magician Girl let out a moan, and Mai then took in her nipples, playing with them with her tongue and teeth, sucking on them.

Hope you, DarkDremora4, and all other readers enjoy! When they separated the women slid back to remove the staff from inside themselves. Dark Magician Girl held up her dripping cum-coated staff, then turned it so the half that was inside of Mai faced her, and likewise. R Add an image to this gallery.

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Sex is entirely up to you.

When she saw the hopeful gleam in Tea's eyes, she quickly brought her back down to reality. After a few breaths, she opened her eyes again to see the Dark Magician Girl, still smiling her confident, ready-for-combat smile.

Her entire room had been illuminated in a pink glow.

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She then looked up at Dark Magician Girl, a strained smile on her paled face. Rihanna nude fakes. She recalled how amazing it was, but then noticed that she was still wearing her thong, soaked in her juices. Topless dark magician girl. However, he did give Mai an idea. She practiced the same tactics, brushing her hot tongue on, over, and around the girl's nipple, as her hand made sure that the other breast still conducted some pleasure.

Tea rubbed her hand over the area that had been rolled on, quickly taking the body heat left behind. Afterwards, Dark Magician Girl broke their kiss, and gave Mai a sexy smirk.

Yugi Reloaded Attack of the Giant Card!! But when she looked at the actual hologram, she saw her bottomless. Dark Magician Girl, however, remained, and glided over to Tea, who was freed from the icy casing that had gotten up to her neck. Dark Magician Girl held up her dripping cum-coated staff, then turned it so the half that was inside of Mai faced her, and likewise.

She could still feel her warm touch. Lord of the Magician Limited Edition. Lost bet nude video. With Dark Magician Girl on my field, this spell lets me summon the most powerful monster in my deck!

She took another look at her laptop, experiencing something similar as the thread starter. Click on the View larger version link in the sidebar for a high-quality version. She then gave her a sexy smile, with a little bit of her tongue out, and lowered her head into Mai's center. And if she would've peeked under her skirt again, she would've found her panties wet with sexual desire.

Again she stroked the inside of her thighs, with the cold surface of the staff, then touched her wet center with the ball. After a fun night of reminiscing and shenanigans, it was decided that Yugi and Mai would square off in a friendly duel in the backyard. As they did this for a few minutes, both could feel themselves approaching their orgasm, coming closer as they moved down on the staff, thrusting nearer and nearer until finally, their wet cores touched.

Hope you, DarkDremora4, and all other readers enjoy! This image has been resized. Duel Monsters concept art. Dark Magician Girl, however, giggled at the fact that she felt a wetness down there.

Of course, this first one was in need of a revisioning, so here's the updated version of the original Dreaming with Desire.

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She licked and sucked, even bit her clit, doing everything she could to keep her lover's screams at a deafening level. She licked and fingered her at the same time, starting slowly, but picking up speed. Nancy grace tits. Her eager smile, and her bright green eyes. Topless dark magician girl. However, he did give Mai an idea.

The kiss lasted for a few seconds, until Mai broke apart. She then started to slowly unbutton the light green cloth, revealing her cleavage as she looked at down at Tea. The moans came quickly as they rode together, breasts bouncing as they did so. English naked pics Either you are not logged in, or your account is less than 2 weeks old. The concern in her voice over the human girl she was chosen to protect was evident, and she resolved to not fail in giving Tea whatever was necessary to bring her comfort in the quest to get back to her world.

Dark Magician Girl, however, giggled at the fact that she felt a wetness down there. The email address specified is not registered with this account. The human girl then laid the side of her face against her knees, letting her hair fall in front of her face. Blonde with big tits gets fucked hard. She received her juices, then drank them with a smile on her face.

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