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A movie director, a movie producer, and the talent caster all revel at their exploitation of actors.

Monday, April 19, New Trailer: There's drugs, theft, streetwalking, repeated abuse by an influential client, a minor who moonlights, true romance between dancers and gay men, and of course, the nightly shows where the stage literally spills with the swarm of nubile bodies. Maybe we're headed for positive change. Rough lesbian videos. Cinemalaya 13 is Coming! The insane appeal of these monochromatic snapshots lies in the thin line between innocent and sexy, boyish and manly.

Sexy Male Armpits Unleashed. The Macho Dancer's weapon is his particular brand of striptease. Allen dizon naked. In Gown 3 years ago. Arjay Carreon in Campus Crush That the film soaks in its own banality is its grandest irony. Writer-Director Lucas Mercado's filmmaking is so sweatless and impersonal, Libido ends up less of a so-bad-it's-good movie than just every other run-of-the-mill cheapo. Is there any country other than the Philippines that can fill a top ten list of macho dancer movies with a few extra to spare?

But where's the passion? Could it be the censors? Ben is The Closeted Athlete, and therefore, must be having a hard time with his feelings. Retro big black tits. Cinemalaya 13 is Coming! Harga Kamera Nikon D dan Spesifikasinya 2 years ago. We're forced to watch the mundane actions of people doing their jobs or waiting, every once in a while with a glint of humor or perception.

In Santuaryothe castaways are all toned young men, and they're looking for treasure. At their best, they report the truth. Tuesday, February 9, New Trailer: As such, they're usually portends of new world orders.

A Space Odyssey Stanley Kubrick 16 hours ago. Writer-Director Jonison Fontanos says he drew inspiration from a gay friend murdered by a callboy. Friday, April 2, New Trailer: Ran Domingo The Philippines used to make a lot of sexy movies set in remote rural landscapes, which provided the ideal backdrop for scantily clad women on the verge of losing their innocence.

A runaway teen bunks with his cousin the macho dancer. Happy and Gay goes to IG! I demand to see the outtakes from those photo shoots. See also for allen dizon nude:

Allen dizon naked

The ending baffled me, but not in a good way.

Produced and directed by Hamilton McLeod, it has the same commitment to modern gay attitudes as Cris Pablo's movies, but did not find similar success then. Tuesday, February 2, New Trailer: Jomari Yllana in Katayan Dante Balboa in Takaw-Tingin BERT 3 months ago. Sexy green girl. Do you buy magazines with hot photos of men?

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Jeff Tatsuro A sort-of-clever but certainly contrived mystery emerges somewhere in the middle of Parisukatafter we learn of the murder of a gay businessman Toffee Calmaand all the four characters we've been following so far are pieces to the puzzle. He's rich, takes care of his crazy mom, has a boyfriend, hangs out with a parlorista friend Lito "Shalala" Reyesand on the side, hacks people into parts.

Without that leap of passion, it would merely be bad bad. Marni's chief executive Gianni Castiglioni and designer Consuelo Castiglioni 6 years ago. Allen dizon naked. It's an eloquent plea for reform and basic rights.

Binyag turns out to be the same old story of the good-hearted slut who must return to the province. Directed by Mark Shandii Bacolod, with self-conscious camera work and frilly subplots -- the most belabored of which involves a homophobe Micah Munoz heading towards homicide -- the love story gets lost amidst much hullabaloo. Technical Massage Practice for All Men 4 years ago. Naked to work. Tuesday, January 26, New Trailer: The debut of Gandong 2.

I hope that's a lesson for everyone out there venturing into bad movies. Diether Ocampo in La Vida Rosa In Santuaryothe castaways are all toned young men, and they're looking for treasure. On video, we can fastforward the strange, boring parts where nothing happens like a mother cooking to jump directly to the strange parts where nothing happens but are not boring!

Jamil Basa in Troika D' Survivors Full Trailer. The story is old, but not bad. We're left to rely on the easy function of stereotypes for tension. Temptation Island was generous with beauty, and also with basic and basest human emotions, like anger, desire, hunger, which were fodder for our identification and laughs. By contrast, D' Survivors arrives with closed fists.

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